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Labidochromis caeruleus "Electric Yellow"


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Hay matey what is the substrate you are using there?

I call it coral gravel. A mixture of coral sand and black gravel. I like how it looks but I don't know if others share the same taste as me.

I think, from reading Paul's listing in the breeder registry he is out of yellows at the moment and the next batch is spoken for, but for future reference they are $1/cm. Is that right mate?

hey, nice fish... you have any of his offspring available???

umm yeah well after the culling process I might have some pale white bellied ones available laugh.gif . Just joking mate I wouldn't sell you them. My fish are currently on hiatus from breeding.

There's a few breeder's around with nice yellows. CThompson and Baz come to mind as I've got a few of their bloodlines. Mind you this bad boy I've got here was the first electric yellow I ever bought from my mate's LFS (God bless him). $3 well spent. thumb.gif



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