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Synodontis decorus


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hey guys and gals,

I have a decorus in a tank with a mixed bunch of CA cichlids. My problem is that I very rarely see the decorus unless I'm up very very late with a dim torch light as it spends all day in its cave and I'm not convinced its getting much food. About 2 months ago I got a good view of it and it looked to be okay at about 5 inches SL, but last night when I managed to see it it looked alot more lean. I usually drop in the tank either pellets, flake, tablets or some other food most nights before I go to bed and the tank lights have been off for some time but I have a feeling some of the cichlids have caught onto this and are waiting for this extra feed at this time leaving the decorus very little if any?? Has anyone got any tips I could try to ensure he gets a good feed. Do they always stay nocturnal or would it cause an issue if I removed his cave to see if he might come out during the day ( maybe a dumb thing to do?). Its alittle frustrating in a sort of way knowing you have this beautiful fish but never see the bugger sadsmiley02.gif plus I would never know if it had a problem such as an injury or disease until I find it dead in the morning.......any ideas or experiences?

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