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P. acei getting floored cause of females


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Hi all, i have in a 6ft tank the following

3x P. acei males

2x females

1x E. blue male

4x female

3x E. yellows don't know sex

3x BN's

3x female Dolphins

My problem is 1 of the male Acei has belted the sweet bejesus out of 1 of the other males of is now in a recovery tank. If i take out the female Acei and female Blues, would this stop the aggression. There is a fair bit of rock work in there but the dominent male Acei just won't give it a break. They range in size from 2in-5in.

Is there also an easy way of getting the females out if i have to.

Any ideas at all



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Hi Slotha,

agro is not something I have seen in my own acei...the dominant male is dominat but not relentless.

There is a chance that you have just got lucky and picked up a nasty acei-male...it does happen.

You might try isolating the male for a couple of weeks and see what happens when he is re-introduced to the group. I have found that a week in isolation without food makes a big difference to the attitude of some Mbuna...hope this helps in your situation.

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Im with Maz on this one mate. Fish are like people, some of them are just nasty for no particular reason LOL.gif Isolate your bloke if he is giving the other fish too much stick and when you return him to the tank it might be worthwhile rearranging your rockwork to lesson the chance of territorial clashes etc. If that doesnt work then we can work something else out for you thumb.gif

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Depending on the size of the acei they should not go right into the rocks like a polit, afra, hongi, yellow, etc...if ya got a big net and a bit of persistance you should be able to get him without pulling the whole tank apart.

The secret with this technique(lol) is a BIG net. thumb.gif

I have in the past used Bait-Traps, available from your local Tackle-shop, to catch fish without removing/disturbing decore...just starve the tank for a few days and then bait the trap and bung it in there. Keep your eye on the trap from a safe(lol) distance and when the correct fish is/are in there you lift the trap with the attatched cord.

You can also make your own bait trap out of a coke bottle, size bottle is up to you really coz the openings are all the same size, by cutting and inverting the neck so that it fits back(snuggly) into the bottle base. Drop in some sinking pellet food or something tasty and put the trap in his area of the tank. When he has chased everyone away from "His" food and goes into the trap snare the whole package in a net, pull the inverted bottle-top out and the fish is in the net.

I have used all these ideas to catch fish but have never needed anything other than a BIG net to catch fish that are not rock-divers blink.gif . LOL.gif


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The big net theory is a good one LOL I use it a lot! Beyond using a big net, I find moving the net SLOWLY in the water to trap the target fish between the net and the front piece of glass is the most effective way of netting. Swirling the net around in the water like a mad man, frantically trying to catch a fast moving mbuna wont get you anywhere. Slow and patient pays off IMO, good luck thumb.gif

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