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Rocks: Ornamental (001)

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Hi all,

I've seen a couple of ornaments I want to put in my display tank. One is made from Limestone which is OK but the other is volcanic rock/volcanic ash?, it has a white/grey colour, not the scoria type colouration.

Does anyone know for sure if this will be ok?

This may be a question for Merjo? wink.gif



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Hi Glenn,

By white volcanic rock do you mean pumice like? If it is volcanic in origin and contaminant *read pesticide etc. free it will be safe. If you are worried, put it in a bucket of water outside for a few weeks to leach out anything that will be released. Also test the pH of the water in the bucket for peace of mind. It sounds like it maybe a concrete or painted plaster ornament. They should be fine, but I would do the bucket thingo/pH test anyway.

merjo smile.gif

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