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I did a water change and added a bit of gill flukes medicine as a precaution. I noticed that all my acei in the tank weree resting at the bottom and werent hungry. It looked like bad new so i moved them to another tank. Theyre swimming around fine now.

When they rest on the bottom (and theyre not sleeping), is this an indication of when theyre sick?

How long before i can put them back in the original tank? I add extra aquatan just to be sure -but it didnt seem to help. The other fish in that tank seem fine (fingers crossed)

Mike W

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I did a water change and noticed a couple of them were scratching, so i put some stuff in the water. I kept one in the old tank to see if it would be OK. I dont want to keep them with my aurora because of overstocking /crossbreeding etc. All my other fish in the affected tank are fine. the acei seem to sit at the bottom and breathe heavy - its really odd.

I put them in another tank which i also treated and theyre fine. I think theyre is something wrong becase they ALL were sitting at the bottom like calvus do when they are sick.


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hmmmm...look, there is something wrong for sure. The acei are freeswimming and should be moving around the tank.

What is this

stuff in the water
that you have added? What were you trying to treat with it and what makes you suspect that, whatever it was/is, as the problem??

What is the temperature of the tank?

Are the acei's fins clamped to their sides?

Is there any darkening in colour?

Have they lost the "Flee" response?

I think if you take some time and give us a full description of the Water Perameters, behavioural/physical changes that have occured and over what period they have occured you may get more help...rather than just guesses.

I think you are asking for trouble when you add medications to your tank

as a precaution
. If you are not sure what you are treating how can you be sure you are not doing more harm than good? It could be like getting a "stitch" in your side and having a tripple-bypass to treat it.
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I added a dose of sterazin, as it seemed to clear up the scratching last time.

water temp is 24degrees

their fins arent really clamped to the side

some are dark some are light - i suspeect this is normal

they still run when i chase em

You're right about me possibly causing more harm then good. But i think this is the right medicine to stop scratching and flickering as i dont think its whitespot.

Physical changes - i noticed some of the smaller ones starting to sit at the bottom after a water change then ALL of them did the same. I took them out and put them in another tank where they were quite happy.

I've added them back to the original tank and the symptoms eem to have stoppped

Maybe there was some residual heavy metals from the water change or soemthing like that. A couple of the maller ones are sitting at the bottom fpr a minute or so but most of them are free swimming.

I think they are right to leave them overnight. Hopefully they'll e right in the morning. I suppose if the gold comps are alright in the same tank then they should be fine as they are a much tougher fish (generally).

Thanks very much for you're input.

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To be honest it sounds like a problem with the water added to the tank...was it aged or right outta the hose?

Did you use any water-conditioner...like, Prime or any of the other ones??

Do you use any Buffers?

I would treat the tank with the correct dose of Prime when faced with the same symptoms following a water-change. That is no assurance to you now, I know, but that is what I would(and have done) do in my tanks.


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David, that seems interesting, the water was added straight from the hose. It would have been a few degrees colder than the water in the tank.

Mazimbwe, I use Aquatan as a water conditoner. It's meant to get rid of heavy metals and chlorine etc. Also, you can add as much as you want without reducing the fishs' oxygen. I have big chunks of dead coral etc in the tank as well as crushed coral for substrate. So, generally, I can get away with not adding any buffer to my tanks and checking hardness etc becuase the dead coral/limstone chunks keeps the water hard and at a ph of around 8-8.2

F.Y.I - the fish seem fine now but hey dont seem hungry which is a bit of a worry. when i walk past my aurora tank they all come to the surface to greet me. This indicates that they are healthy and happy and hungry. I'll see what happens when i get home from work today.

Thanks for the input guys.

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wish i had the facilities for water drums. my mum would rip my head off. Thats part of the reason why im sorta getting outta the more delicate tangs like calvus and comps etc.

Anyways, they are all fine and in their species tank. Biggest ones are 5.5-6cm. All i need now is a flat rock, plenty of veggie pellets and lots of patience. Maybe a 200L barrel or 2


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