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Do you trust lfs



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IME, I've had alot of pleasure dealing with a few different aquariums. Auburn, LAMS and Trans are a few that come to mind along with my friend's LFS. Considering the running costs of these businesses (NOT CHARITIES) along with having access to the wholesale list, I've found the prices that I negotiated with the staff for items/products were very competitive. Some other LFS' just haven't been helpful or competitive at all.

I've been knowingly and unknowingly ripped off by more forum members than I have any LFS. Poor quality stock, deformities and crosses when I first began the hobby comes to mind and I ended up having to throw away a few hundred dollars worth of fish out the window. Perhaps a poll should be setup for that. dry.gif



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Another vote here for 'depends which one'

I have found some to be honest and reliable over the years, but others (especially some that I thought much higher of originally) have done what I feel are some silly things over the years to lose my business.

It's the golden rule in retail, or in most of life actually. Word of mouth is the most powerful advertising tool, so be careful who you try to rip off etc rolleyes.gifeek.gif

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