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Anubias nana


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Hi everyone,

In my green terror tank I have several large pieces of wood with Anubias nana attached. They are growing really well, but the last couple sets of leaves have started to show signs of some sort of deficiency. The leaves are normal shaped and form normally and to the correct size. The veins of the leaves are normal green, but the outsides are yellowed. So yellow leaves, green veins. In terrestrial plants I would have thought they had magnesium deficiency, however after a bit of reading on thekrib it might also be an iron deficiency.

If it is magnesium I have thought about adding epsom salts, however I don't wish to raise my GH too much for fear of stressing my rivulatus. How much would I need to add to a 4*18*20, with about 5 medium size nanas in it?

If it isn't magnesium, what do you guys think it is?

Thanks in advance for your help,


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A pic would be handy, rolleyes.gif

If the deficiency is first evident on new growth then it would suggest non-mobile element.

Try this Link

To determine the most likely element you would need to know what you are adding to the tank, water you are using for exchanges and how much you change, lighting , CO2, etc.

Unless you are supplimenting them, macronutrients - like magnesium - are the most likely. This is assuming your water is very soft to start with.

Lacking a significant root system, I find plants like Anubias prone to iron deficiency, so this is another possibility. You can test for iron, but the kit is rather expensive.

Looking forward to some more info.



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Thanks for that Brett,

Ta for the link.

A pic.... here I am taking millions of pics of fish and didn't even think of that tongue.gif

There are no additives to the tank, I think there may be some shellgrit in the filter which should come out, but I don't think that what account for much in the way of magnesium. No CO2 on this one either. Tap water is extraordinarily soft, below 5 GH and KH. Only thing this tank gets plenty of is fish food and light.

I'll work on that pic tomorrow, too tired now sleep1.gif



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