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breeding different cichlids together


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hey everyone i am trying to sort out tank space in my breeding setup and am wondering if i can mix perspipax and electric blue colony or would the electric blue be better in eith rustys i am really unsure and any advice about colonies and breeding together would be much appreciated

also does carbonate hardness affect the breedding of cochlids a great deal what is ideal conditions and how can i raise it up

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Hi there,

Either of those fish will breed with the blues, however long term you might be safer with rusties as they won't be as easily inhaled when the blues get larger laugh.gif.

I also find rusties get along with other fish much better, perspicax can get a little antisocial dry.gif.

Carbonate hardness helps buffer your pH, so having it low could cause pH shifts which may be to the detriment of your fish. To add to your carbobate hardness you need simply add carbonates wink.gif. A common cheap source is Sodium Bicarbonate, also known as Baking Soda.



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