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Upsidedown Cats..


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Hi all.

Ive had my first tank for about three months now and in the first group of fish I got was two cute little Upsidedown Cats that ive only seen about four or five times.

My tank is 2ft and aprox 60ltrs comunity tank with a home made slate enviroment. (lots of small caves and tunnels)

Is this a common trait of theas cats??

They are almost too big for the caves they hide in now.

Im sure they come out at night but i was just wondering if this is normal?? Its a shame because i like to wach there strange habbits..

Tank for any info on shy little guys. wink.gif Jester

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Believe it or not, but Upsidedown cats (Synodontis nigraventris) if that is the fish we are talking about, is a surface feeder. It's absolute favourite food is mosquitoe lavae (wrigglers). Is why it has developed the "upside down" colouration, swims the wrong way up, and sneeks out at night ! To snag them tastey mozzies!!

Think about it !!! blush.gif


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