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Help Urgently


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I am in a desperate situation. My Dwarf Cichlids tanks had a major accident. Now i need to house the dwarlf in a 2 foot tank with 6 convict fry (2cm) and a few electric blue2 fry 3cm.

Would this be ok to house them together until sunday (need to setup a new tank for the dwarfs).

I have:-

2 long-finned blue ram 6cm

8 Kribensis 4cm

4 Checkerboard cichlids.

The water param. is 7ph about 26 deg.

Thanks in advance


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I am not sure if that set up would work or not as I know nothing about convicts or electric blues. But what I would do is transfer the dwarfs and as much of their water as possible into any large sized container with the filter and heater. If you have a large bottomed bucket or baby bath or anything else like that I am sure that would hold them until Sunday. Or you could put them in individual floating containers (with small holes) or nets in the fry tank, or better still, move the convict fry to a fry net or floating container and put the dwarfs in the tank. Those water parameters are what mine are at at the moment so it should be OK. Hope this helps.

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Kram -

Do you have a floating fry saver (see the fry tank at www.sydneycichlid.com/diy.html) for instructions on making one.

If you request one urgently in the classifieds I'm sure someone near you will have one. For what it is worth - if you have no other choice - it will be probably be ok in the very short term - but keep your eye on it!

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hi kram

i would reccommend you not to put the dwarfs in with the convicts and blues because the convicts are more aggressive and violent towards other species especially dwarfs.

i have put in baby yellow electricts into a tank with apistos and the yellows killed them so i would reccommend putting them in a few seperate floating containers with water from their tank orputting them in a large 55litre bucket with plants water from the tank and heater and air stone.

thats all the help which i can give u


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