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Life span for Malawi's and Tang's


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Just out of pure morbid curiosity - is there an average life span for Malawi cichlids, or is it very varied between each specie? Same with Tangs?

I have a Malawi display tank and a Tang display tank, and it occurred to me the other day that I have no idea approxiamately how long I should expect the fish to live. blink.gif I know that some goldfish and koi can live for up to 50 years in a big pond...

Does anyone have any input into this?

Cheers people....


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I think as a general rule , the bigger the fish gets, and the less stress it encounters during its life ..the longer it will live..

I have a male princess brichardi that is currently 6years old...and going strong

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I had an E yellow for 10 years. He was pretty frail when he died.

He was born in a display tank in my lounge room and he grew to be the boss of the colony. When he was finally knocked off his perch as boss I moved him into a much less robust tank.

He slowly deteriorated and went blind. But he bounced around the tank for a couple of years and always sniffed out the food.

Well he finally died this year and the Mrs. was very upset.

I wanted to euthanaise it last year but she reconed it was still very happy.

Nothing picked on him and the big Eupterus cats in his tank totally ignored him.

Needless to say he was the only African in the tank.

RIP ole yellow.

We will not forget you. wub.gif

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