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sexing rostratus ?


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Nice fish though.

Hmmm...nice understatement there Yew. clap.giftongue.gif They're my babies your talking about.

They have to be the most amazing fish when in full colour. The males back and about half to two thirds of the sides of the male are a brilliant metallic Blue/Green with gold flecks. While the bottom third of the fish is so dark that it appears black.

They are nearly impossible to take a photo off that does any justice to the colouration because of the metalic "rebound" of light.

While they are big slabs of fish flesh they are very peacefull in temperament but quite nervous and timid really...cept when the food goes in the tank. LOL.gif If you have a large tank, LARGE, that you can set up and leave alone they will lose much of their fear and be much more colourfull.

As for sexing I find the Anal-fin shape to be a dead give-away for sexing Fossorochromis rostratus, once they get to a stage that would be puberty or sexual readiness blush.gif . The females maintain the rounded shape that it present in the rear of the anal-fin of all the juvies, while the males start to have a much squarer trailing-edge to the anal-fin...this eventually gets to be long & pointed in the dominat male.


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