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Who has what dwarfs?


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I've got (in Melbourne):

Apistogramma cacatuoides (Triple red?). These are my favorite fish. I originally bought a pair at the EDAS auction. The male was HUGE. Now I have >50, from 3 different spawns plus one I witnessed last night by the children of the orig pair. thumb.gifwoot.gif

Mikrogeophagus ramirezi : Blue ram. I bought four 4 months ago and have 2 left. They appeared to be 2male 2 female at the shop but I now believe they were 4 males. The dominant one terrorised them all in a 250L tank and had to be moved. The remaining 2 are now fighting some sort of fungal infection sad.gif

Setting up tanks for :

A. macmasteri, A.eunotus. Perhaps A. veijita or A. trifasciata

I went to the VCS auction on saturday all psyched up to buy Apistos and NONE came up in the 4.5 hrs I was there sad.gif I was very disappointed.


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Hey CJ. You can come over to my place and check out what I have if you like. I currently have A. cacuatoides, N. Anomola, firemouth cichlids, Bolivian butterflies and three different types of kribs including P. subocellatus and P. taeniatus. I have given up on the Rams, too sensitive for me to bother with. Go talk to Andy at Susans, he can tell you all sorts of stuff about them, he got me into them and now I am hooked. tongue.gif

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