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Sick Firemouth


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ohmy.gif Can any experienced cichlid owner help?

My Firemouth (about 3 years old) and one of my favourites, was lying on the bottom being attacked by my convicts when I found him.

This is unusual for him as he he more than able to take care of himself.

I have seperated him into a hospital tank and I thought he would be dead next day.

Heavy breathing lying on his side etc.

This morning he is upright, but not well, body is swollen and scales look awful.

Looks like bloat. What can I treat him with?

Any suggestions?

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Hi -

If the fish has a lot of damage to it's sides you may get some swelling. However, it sounds like dropsy to me which is never good. I'd recommend a quiet tank, 1 tsp rock salt / 10 litres of water, some methyl blue, good aeration and a dash of hope, the fact that the fish has recovered a little may be a good sign.

Hoping this helps

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