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Found 5 results

  1. Larry is calling for peeps to join his Lake Malawi Dive Safari scheduled for October. He is finalising the itinerary and will call for deposits. There are 3 or 4 spots left.So to give Malawi Cichlids a plug.... here's some of what you can expect ..... see it first hand with your own eyes, without the waffle you read on the net or viral info from so so 'breeders'
  2. What are your top 3 or 5 favorite mbunas in order or no order? Share pictures and reasons/stories about why you think they are special to you.
  3. Hi all, Well I have just purchased another tank, this one a 6x2x2, and also got a 3d background. I am going to shift the fish from my 5ft into this tank and add more while im at it. It will be set up as a mbuna display tank, i will have males and females of each species so expect to see a bit of spawning in there also, as is the current case in my 5ft. I plan on ending up with about 40-50 fish. here is a quick spec sheet. Tank 6x2x2 Filters one aqua one 1050 SII (existing) One Odyssea CFS 11i with UV sterilizer (new and about to be set up on 5ft to seed for a few weeks) 3d latex background Cor
  4. Has anyone seen a red zebra like this one? I have eight of them and they're all like orange. I've never seen one like this. http://bluegrassaquatics.com/cichlids/malawi-inventory-2/mbuna-s.html
  5. TimB

    Malawi decision

    Hey guys, I would like to set up another standard 6ft tank sometime soon and I'm debating with myself on which fish I should put in there. I am trying to choose between a hap and peacock tank or a mbuna setup. I already have a 6ft setup with mbuna and 1male and 2 female Protomelas taeniolatus (red empress) and they're doing fine, have had them breed a few times. I could do another mix...Which fish are compatible? All opinions welcome. Cheers.
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