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  1. I got some from AOA a while ago. I can't fault them performance wise, but they are of lesser quality than the ones you get from LFS. For example, the individual coloured bits "click" together instead of being threaded and just seem a bit less sturdy. You still get plenty of air through them and they do their job. It's only an air stone after all. Just something to think about. morg
  2. I guess it comes in both, but I've got a tube of the black stuff in front of me
  3. I got mine from lfs. It's GE contractors glazing silicone. Product code SCS1003. It doesn't say it's specifically for aquariums, but I trust the shop and haven't had any problems with it. This is the stuff they use to build tanks. As long as it's acetic cure it should be fish safe.HTH
  4. Thanks for your replies guys. An interesting insight into fish psycology maz Cheers, Morg.
  5. Hi all, A quick question about these fish. Last night I went around to a breeders place to pick up some juveniles. I saw the parents and they were coloured up nicely but the juveniles seemed a bit faded ie. not full on yellow. The black in their finnage was fairly pale aswell. Will these fish colour up eventually or are they a result of inbreeding and poor stock. The juveniles are around 5 cm at the moment so I would've thought they would have coloured by now. Any thoughts appreciated. Regards, Morgan
  6. morg

    Faulty Heater ?

    Thanks for the replies guys. Just as I thought. Yes the box does say "fully submersable" so I shall pursue it with the retailer. Cheers, Morg.
  7. morg

    Faulty Heater ?

    Probably a silly question guys, but just after confirmation. I recently installed a new heater in my tank and have just noticed condensation forming inside the glass tube. There's presently about 10 ml of water that has pooled at the bottom of it. Common sense told me to remove it, and I have since done so. Is this heater faulty ? Regards, Morg.
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