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  1. Yep he's alive , saw him the other day. I will pass on the message for to him to check the forum. J.T.
  2. Arrafanatic, About 2 years ago i bought them for just under $200 ea, i traded fish in on them. They are not always avalible, especially at that size J.T.
  3. Don't worry i still have them all, they are just alot bigger now ! My X-large clown loaches i bought as adults from Bay fish farm (wholesale), via a retail shop. They havn't grown any more in the last couple of years J.T.
  4. Planiceps (shovel nose) 80cm Sunshine plec (L014) 25cm Clown loach 30cm Auchenoglanis occidentalis (Giraffe catfish) 25cm Looking for more if anyone has any ? J.T.
  5. JAY TT


    Peel the label back on the bottle of "Pimafix"the directions are behind the label. Pimafix & Melafix works for me J.T.
  6. Over four years ago i visited Sue & Craig's fish room in N.Z, i saw their whole breeding set up of Zebra pleco's (L046), video footage & even a jar full of baby zebra's in formalyn (?). Very nice People too. The zoo in Berlin has a large public aquarium section with several very large tanks, in one tank there was Zebra pleco's with young of all differnt ages. Good Luck J.T.
  7. I can tell you that S. lima doesn't stop hurting for about 2 hour's & it definatly had a sting to it ! By the way i caught him in my fish tank. J.T.
  8. Happy Birthday Mat, If you have any birthday wishes & you want them to come true, i think you should call me J.T.
  9. Good pics Mark, glad to see your doing well with your breeding especially with some of the harder to bred species. Any luck with the N. beusheri J.T.
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