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  1. I've had aquanovas for the last three years. A common problem in leaking tops is the acutal o ring for the plunger, it is about 5inches in diameter. I have beent o numerous aqariums and dont stock them. A particular shop wanted $19 for one oring. A complete rip off. I went to a industrial bearing place and got the same oring fo $3.50. It does the same job. cheers Gary
  2. My tropheus live on the NLS Marine Flake and love it. They have been on it for the last two years without any hassal. Cheers Gary
  3. IMO he has done the right thing instead of an EOI. I dont think this forum is a joke either. As for the forum for being the same price as the LFS, I think in not true. The forum is here to sell any cichlid at a realistic price to everybody instead of being over inflated. Some guys on this forum are only buying and selling fish a for a quick buck. IMO they are just the same as a LFS. Why pay top dollar for a fish from the LFS, when you can purchase for a 1/4 of the price from a felllow hobbyist? I prefer to buy from the forum as I know the history and conditions of the fish but at the end
  4. when yew see a few, what happen to the few that werent a success? No they were all right. Be careful of the plastic. If you a 2ft tank , buy some cheap glass and make into a sump. IMO I prefer to the glass compared to plastic. Cheers Gary
  5. I would perhaps ring the council as well. I have been chuking mine in the recycle bin for years. And with 100's of bins on the one truck load, I'm sure a couple will go unnoticed.
  6. I have seen a few plastic sumps with success. If you want to use a heate glue a piece of glass to the bottom of the sump , the lenght of the heater and use suctions cups to attach heater. You should not have any probs with it. Cheers Gary
  7. Hi I am putting together a personal catalogue of my Cichlids in a printed version. Can anyone suggest any websites with good information including scientific names. on Cichlids along with good photos. I know I can google all of these but would prefer one website as I will be here for hours collating all of the information. Cheers Gary
  8. Thanks guys I have been trying to tracking down for ages. Cheers gAry
  9. nothing wrong with Aquanova. I have a tank and i think it is great. But all the same Resun is just as good and is a good price. Cheers Gary
  10. Nice looking tanks Shane and your fish also reflect it as well. cheers gary
  11. Nice setup and fish, Just wondering what websie did you use for the hosting of your videos?
  12. Maybe you should buy a spare tub now and keep it for a rainy day. The food will last if stored correctly in the right place Cheers Gary
  13. I would go the same way as well. Careful if when using heater that is does not make contact with the plastic as it will melt . Good Luck Gary
  14. I believe it is on the 5th April 2008. Not sure on what fish can be expected. Rgds Gary
  15. Enamel paint will be all right for the outside. Once dried it is the most durable paint besides 2pac. Depending on the enamal allow about 20 mins between each coat to allow flash off time. If you dont do this you will overload the paint allowing the coat underneath not to dry properly. In turn this will make the paint to run or even not dry for anywhere up to a week. Make sure it is warm and not to cold. Allow plenty of ventilation as well. If you want paint to be flat go to an automotive paint shop and ask for some flattening base. This will eliminate the gloss if its not desired. Usaully a
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