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  1. Aquarium strains aren't crossed bred right??? They're just a strain of flamebacks without known locations... ie: before they started attaching locations with the name....
  2. Yeah I know... That's why I asked, I didn't want to accidentally mix them up....
  3. So the aquarium strain with no known history are duds??? 'Duds' in the sense that we don't know how clean it is???
  4. This is the male... Young at only around 7cm...
  5. Hi everyone!!! I purchased some labelled haplochromis flamebacks - formerly pundamillia neyereri... Is there supposed to be a location attached to the name???
  6. Thanks guys!!! So any Styrofoam box that's normally used to ship fish is ok??? What are absorbent pads??? And i guess newspaper is the liner???
  7. If I was to go interstate and purchased fish while I was there, how would I go about bringing it back with me??? Is it as simple as having them in my carry-on and all is well or is there a process/fees to go through???
  8. Not much of a display tank...
  9. That's great news!!! Hopefully she recovers even more!!! I thing we do know, she's a fighter!!!
  10. Tried to get more pics but the bugger wouldn't stop moving!!!
  11. Thanks Josh, I also think it's a msobo, but I'm no msobo expert nor am I an expert at all....
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