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  1. those tubs are what mine sites and large contractors get oil in i pump them out for a living (they are actually call palletcoms) engine oils and lubratcants go in it
  2. If you are going to drill the tank get it done professionally cause if they break it its up to them to replace and not you if you attempt it. Nice size tank to you get a good deal on it ?
  3. Thanks so much your a real help ill look at those sites and see how i go cheers
  4. thanks for the info as far as the shutter speed i have a a75 canon and have looked all over the camera and cant find one functon to change this. do you mean macro i dont know what i even means could someone explain for me in simple terms (real simple).
  5. first time pic poster go easy i have photoshop 7 any advise on how to use this would be great as i have no idea at all
  6. and thats all you can do is try for the safety of the fish
  7. If i owned a LFS and the above happened in my store i would be wee wEEed off nothing was said to buyer and seller. As for the LFS i would have asked he/she to have a word on the side away from other customers and explain to them what has happened and your opinion in the matter. Why away from other customers because this makes you look more professional over the matter most people new to the hobby assume LFS are the best people with information and what they say is correct so by proving them wrong the could possibly lose customers, which is not what you want to do it will only add heat to the
  8. Funny this I had fish in the lounge room and were quite active always out swiming and always saw people never a problem i got rid of that tank and put them in one in the shed until i move house (real soon i hope) so now they only see me for feeding time once a day and boy have they got timid all run (lol) swim and hide when i enter the shed. doesn't bother me at all cause i know once they are in the new house we brought they will come good over time. I have also found adding new fish can help the older fish calm down a bit but as for the new ones it takes a few months for them to settel in t
  9. Photo shop 7 free from my old man excellent thread even though i have this programme i have no idea how to use it funny this thread has started now cause i was playing with it last night got the crop thing worked out but no idea about blur, sharpen ect. So any help in this would be great. Also those picture frame type borders some people have on their pics are you able to do it with photoshop 7 ? oh i work out how to put a water mark on the photos though thanks matty and again fantastic thread
  10. yeah they are great looking fish myself i like the natural look as far as decor but some people like it all what you interested in i suppose
  11. does your bluey ever go green along the top mine does never seen it till 2 days ago its a real pretty aqua green looks great
  12. I have the above metioned camera, my problem is the camera has an auto focus so when i take a photo its real hard to focus on the fish it usally picks up something in the same area to focus on. And ..... i have looked everywere on this damb camera and cant seem o find a function were i can change to shutter speed the bloody thing is that slow even on the fast funtion dial thingy Question 1. Anyone who has this camera or know a thing or two about them could you please tell me can i manually focus it ? Question 2. Does anyone know were or if you can even change the shutter speed ? camer
  13. i have a plywood on i built myself currently fs or swap but any way not to hijack your post it has lasted me over 2 years now never a leak
  14. out of what ?? are you loking at building a glass or timber ect?
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