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  1. Vinegar apparently works...
  2. You got a list of the fish that you have in there?
  3. Hi All, I posted a photo of a lepto the other day and was told to start treating with metro due to the pink in the gills. I was told that it looked like early signs of wastage. What is everyone's experience in with wastage. All fish are still eating (if fact I now have a second mouthful) but if it is in fact wastage I'd like to get onto it asap. I did previously lose a pair of wild caught gobies in that tank that had red gills. Ammonia, nitrite and nitrate all at zero. Other tankmates are L. meleagris and 2 bristles. If metro is the go what dosage rate should I use? Thanks in advanceTrav
  4. Just wondering what petrochromis species are around (just what you have seen/heard about not necessarily what you are keeping) and what is the general asking price. Thanks Trav
  5. Years ago when I had sevs, my understanding was that all male golds are infertile. I was told to breed a female gold with a male green and you will in fact get both gold and green fry. Anyone have any other ideas on the fertility of gold males? Trav
  6. Thanks dogboy. I've got the approval from the financial controller to go to a 4x2x2 in approx 4-6 mths so i've just started conditioning her to a 6x2x2 instead...baby steps... At this stage I may look to try and vent them and potentially source some male or females (depending on venting) to split the bloodlines a bit (although they are only F2's but always good for the lines) and increase the numbers to about 30-40 (maybe) but not another species as once I get the 6x2x2 i'll start the conditioning for the 2nd 6x2x2 (muhahaha) which I'll put in a separate troph species move in a pair of gobies
  7. Yeah pretty stoked. The photo doesn't do them justice though. The sheen is so much nicer...
  8. This iPhone 3 seems to take really nice pics of the fish for some reason...
  9. Thanks Jason. I've finished putting all the fish in so at this stage it won't be changing too much. I do plan to move the fish to a larger tank in about 6 months time so I will look at a different design then although 'pleasing to the eye' is what I was going for as it is a display tank. I now have 19 moliros, 6 gobies and 6 gold occies (purchased 2 days ago) in the tank and everyone is very happy to the point the occies have already laid eggs. Thanks for your thoughts Trav
  10. I do plan to lift it a little by adding some shells to the filter. The fish i have just picked up were ran at 8 so i figured for the short term at least 7.9 was close enough for acclimatising the additions. Here they are happy and eating 15mins after being added to their new home. Hard to capture a decent pic on my iPhone but you get the idea and a little of their colouration.
  11. Hi Guys, Sorry for the lack of updates but I have not been on the site from the comupter, only my mobile. So here goes... I've decided I wanted to go with tropheus(as I've always loved them). I am looking to use controlled over crowding (as you can also do with Malawians) to reduce the aggression. I plan to upgrade them to atleast a 4x2x2 (have already obtained the financial controllers blessing) in 6months (max). I anticipate having the following stocking. 18 F2 Tropheus moliro's (which I pick up today) 4-6 cyanostictus 'kasanga' 4-6 occie golds (to reduce to a pair with the others to be sol
  12. Let us know what you decide on jimmy and post some pics if you can. Always love seeing other peoples tanks Cheers Trav
  13. Thats interesting your thoughts on the trewevasae. My experience with them was that they got got bullied by my saulosi's. I suppose you get different temprements in fish. Almost everything I have read notes a 50gal+. I kept themin a 50gal and theywere fine and really kept to themselves. Cheers Trav
  14. Maybe a colony of Labeotropheus trewevasae 'mpanga red' but not sure if hey are in OZ but there are many attractive varieties. The other option is to look at the OB morphs of a few species if that floats your boat. If you were willing to look at a Victorian maybe a phytophagus etc but from what I've heard they can become quite aggressive. Cheers Trav
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