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  1. I completely and utterly understand your choice of signature L2H, they surround us constantly these day's haha. I plan on getting to 4 tanks by years end so this is brilliant, I didn't think far enough to sleeve down which obviously widens my options, thank you for that. Hope your all well in Sydney at this time, best wishes mate and cheer's again
  2. Got a 300 ltr tank and on the cusp of purchasing bigger, I'm doing 30% water changes weekly, 50% if I think needed. Just doing buckets for now as I am new to this but looking at purchasing a 3000 lph aqua one submersible. Thanks for replying L2H, sure will have a look at your suggestion. "Highly evolved killing machine".... I love it, I'm a War Vet lol
  3. Wow Drav thanks, your onto it. Will open the brain a bit more and look at all options, and will def go for quality, cheer's mate!
  4. Good point mate, the you tuber mentioned the chemical residue, I should have mentioned he put's a large tub in the bath under the tap and sticks the pump in that. thanks for the heads up on the tubing, here's the link to the Vid. I like this guy, he's short sweet and easy to listen to.
  5. Hi all, I'm a newbie to the hobby so obviously I'm you tubing like hell for diy idea's. One I came across is using a water pump from your bath tub to refill the tank. Much easier than a bucket. Problem is I need at least 20 mtrs of tubing to get from the tank to the bathroom and boy that stuff is expensive. Anyone use this method and what kind of hose do you use? Getting some great info from the forums, thanks all
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