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  1. Thx for the encouraging words... My son and I have sorta bonded a little while doing these projects with the fish I was thinkin of using the same fry net cage and stretch a fine stocking over it next time they lay... PS... we made a couple of little coconut hides for our bristlenose cats...any thoughts?
  2. had about 10/15 hatch.. waited a few days and placed them into a breeding net and they all escaped through the mesh into the tank ....lessons
  3. Hiyas, first post... My son and I have saved our second batch of peppered cory eggs (the first lot got eaten pretty rapidly by our neon tetras) and have them in an egg bubbler...we had a few go white and develop fluff (fungus)... I have seen on youtube vids that people sanitise their eggs after gathering in different solutions to reduce the fungus... Do you guys do this? What products do you use (in Aus) if you do? I removed the fluff eggs and dumped them, there are around 20 or so that still seem ok... Thx in advance Carey ps. apologies if posted in wrong thread
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