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  1. Thanks all....I haven’t seen him eating but will try again today. Will keep posted
  2. I have an awesome male “white lips” which is one of my favourite fish. He was doing great, and then I woke up about 4 days ago and found him swimming upside down. All other fish in the tank are doing great, and the water parameters are all fine (ph 7.8, Ammonia 0, Nitrite 0, Nitrate 40). I did a big water change and have also treated the tank with metro. He is still moving and very active, but just swimming upside down......I am not sure what else to do. I thought I would leave him for a few days and see whether he gets better. I assume it is his swim bladder.....should I put him out of
  3. Ammonia and nitrite were both confirmed at 0. Nitrate on the other hand seemed high, although it is really hard to distinguish between 40ppm and 80ppm on the test kits. I ended up doing a 50% water change, and he is looking a LOT better. I will keep an eye on nitrate over the next few days and see how it goes. Temperature is within the correct range.
  4. I have noticed my black calvus is sitting on the bottom and breathing hard. The rest of the fish look fine and the water parameters tested out all OK. I have noticed the edges of his gills look white. I have attached a photo below.....what can this be (gill flukes?).
  5. Yep.....definitely have a soft spot for the phenochilus Tanzania
  6. I only had 10 fry survive.....they are still too small too to really be able tell. I will get them to around 8cm and will have a better idea. Worst come to worst, I will throw them in my display tank. will report back
  7. I have tried bloodworms and a few different types of food. Still no luck....the funny thing is that she appears to be trying to clear her throat/mouth as if something was stuck there, particularly when I throw food. Even her buccal cavity seems to be a little swollen. I have had a good look, but there is ;definately no fry or other foreign objects. The back of her throat appears swollen, but not 100% sure?
  8. I have coral sand in my display tank, but breeding tanks are bare bottom
  9. Yep...tried water changes etc but still doesnt seem to be eating. It has now been over 4 weeks so she wont last much longer you would think unless i can get her to eat. I have separated her last night and will do another check tonight to make sure no fry remaining (but that is a last ditch effort as I have already checked lsst week). Not really sure what else I can do....will be a shame to lose her as she produced a big batch of fry.
  10. Hi all....I know there is probably not a straight forward answer to this however I am a little worried about my female blue lips. I stripped her on Thursday night after 21 days of holding and got around 30 fry. She didnt let them go easily so its possible that she was a little stressed. Anyway, its been over 24hrs now and I havent seen her eat. I took her out this morning and checked inside her mouth again, just to make sure there was no fry remaing, but couldnt see any. My females normally eat within 24hrs, so I was just looking for your experience on when I should start getting worried?
  11. Are there any of these going around at the moment? I am interested in any infoemation from breeders and also photos from either Ad Konings or other sources.
  12. I already have 6 medium sized red empress in there that I am growing out. I will see how they go. I also have 4 smaller blue lips (around 5cm) but I think they are too small to risk putting in. I have to say that the male blue lips does look great in his full colouration (which he seems to have the majority of the time).
  13. thanks for the responses. The male is definately hassling everything in the tank.....he always has his golden breeding dress on and goes around trying to breed with everything (including the holding female). At this stage, 4 ft is the largest tank that I can house them in, so I have put some more structure in the tank and will keep an eye on things.
  14. I have a small colony of Blue Lips with one really nice dominant male. I bought them off a breeder that was closing up and moving to QLD and they are being kept in a 4 ft tank. The issue I have is that the male is very hard on the rest of the group. There was originally 2 males and 6 females, but the dominant male has now killed the other male and 2 of the females. The last one was today.....I fed them in the morning and all of them looked healthy and were eating well. I go out this afternoon and one of the femaies is dead while one of the other females has a very large mouth full. I can
  15. Yes the O2 may be an issue. I have 3 air stones running in this particular tank so I didnt think O2 would be the issue....also, the other fish dont seem to be gasping or having difficulty breathing. Anyway, I will monitor and see how they go.
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