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  1. gday guys, after 8 years of dealing with my little 4 foot tank i finally own my own house and have found a spot in the man cave to install a big tank. (the wife vitoed the loungeroom idea haha) the space between the support beams is just over 9 feet so i figured an 8 foot tank would leave enough room on the sides to get in there if i need to. thinking of going 8x3x2.5 or 8x3x3. just need to get it priced up. i will probably use the 4 foot as a sump. the main thing i am wondering about though, is what i could put in there. maybe natives? hit me with some suggestions please
  2. Thank you very much for the advice. I will do some research online to learn more about each specific breed I have and also learn their proper names and types. I will pick up some Sera flora flake this week if I can find some, if not I will order some in. thank you for that, the food was the main thing I was worried about. I will keep the fish I have for now until I learn more about them and then I will think about stocking some more.
  3. Also I was told to give them some bloodworm every few days for a bit of protein and help them grow, but not too often, is this correct?
  4. Hi Link2hell thanks for your help The catfish is definitely a Synodontis petricola thankyou for clearing that up. At the moment I have an aquaone 500 hang on filter and a resun sp-2500L internal power filter (pic attached). Seeing how it goes with this setup as I can't afford another canister filter atm (mine lost vacuum and burned out on me while I was on holidays at Xmas). Do you think this will be good enough? The yellows were like that when I got them, they were being fed a mix of TTanked 1,2,3mm pellet mix with 5mm spirulina disc mixed in, all sinking. I was given a
  5. Hi guys I have recently setup my tank to try raising some Africans, the only fish iv owned apart from Gold fish was a huge red devil who was on her own and very easy to keep. Now that I have more fish in the tank I was hoping for some tips and even just general advice on keeping Africans. Firstly, are all these fish compatible in the long run? (unsure of proper names sorry) I was told they are but the hongi seems to chase the yellows a lot. 8x electric yellows, 2x dragonbloods, 2x peacock, 1x hongi, 1x blue dolphin, 1x little catfish (I'm unsure of the name of this one, was jus
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