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  1. Hi I'm Tom I was wondering how big convict cichlids get and wats the biggest any one has seen in inches
  2. Hi I'm Tom I'm wondering if any one nose or has any info on where I could finde a book on Central American cichlid book thanks
  3. Hi I'm looking for a Central American cichlid book I was wondering if anyone has or nose where abouts I would finde one
  4. Thanks boonahsider do you no the size the maingano males get to do they get bigger than the auratus thanks
  5. Hi guys I have 4 maingano mbuna and 4 convict cichlids and I can't decide wich one to keep there both breeding colony's I was wondering wich one most people would chose over one or the other thanks
  6. hey Clarky68 sorry for the late reply I'm very interested in your convict cichlids
  7. Hi I'm Tom from kellyville I was wondering if anyone breeds or nose where I could finde a breeding pair of convict cichlids I have some genuine sunshine benga male and five feamales if any ones interested in trading or buying any info would be great thanks
  8. Do you no any one looking for sunshine bengas I got them from labyrinth aqeriam it's a top shop for cichlids
  9. Thanks ducksta and Yanke for the replies how many convicts would I be able to stock in the tank thanks
  10. Hi I'm Tom i at the moment have a three ft 130 litre tank with a breeding colony of sunshine benga peacocks I'm looking to sell the bengas and was wondering if anyone new if there's any type of Central American cichlids and how many I could have in this size tank thanks
  11. Thanks again for the info Buccal I'll do my best ?
  12. Thank you very much for the replie Buccal my bengas are only about an inch long at the mo I feed them a mixed diet ov NLS and a few algae wafers and flake food so to make them grow faster keep the temp higher I keep the temperature at 26 at the moment
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