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  1. In your opinion which species should go into tank first? And what m to f ratio's?
  2. Hi guys I have a 48"x14"x18" (approx 203.7lt or 52.4 gallon) and am wanting to put in Pseudotropheus Socolofi (Powder Blue Cichlid) & Labidochromis caeruleus (Electric Yellow) My questions are, 2 Species Tank. - How many of each should I stock my tank with? (if it were only these two species) - If i was going to have a three species tank, how many of each should I get.. Which out of the two species should I add first? -Will these two species cross bred? And finally - What is a good tank mate for these two species I could use for a third spe
  3. I'm looking to invest in a bigger tank latter on, as this is my first tank keeping cichlids I'm going to make sure I can adequately look after them before I sink to much money into it. Would you like to make any suggestions in regards to where you think my list has gone wrong, Is it to many fish or are they to big for my tank? Any suggestions are greatly appreciated as I am very new to this. Also my filter does like 1000lt per her and that's like 5 times my water capacity per hr, Is that not enough? I have been preparing the tank for approx 4 weeks and have a fair bit to do befor
  4. One of each fish is what I'm aiming for, do you think 1000lt p/h canister filter will be sufficient enough?
  5. Would mdoka white lips work/compatible with the fish I listed above?
  6. Could this work in one tank Stevini Taiwan *Sturtgranti Blue neon peacock. *Red shoulder peacock. *Lemon Jake peacock *Eureka Red peacock *Benga peacock *Red fire peacock *Lwanda peacock * Electric yellow?????
  7. Hi was wondering in your opinion (cichlid world) which species of African Cichlids would I have no problems selling if I was to try my hand at breeding.
  8. Thankyou very much, you have been a big helping hand for this somewhat confused at times hobbyist. Cheers all!
  9. Could someone please tell me what kind of fish is this?
  10. Do you think it's ok if I get like say groups of 5 of the same kind. And have a few different groups and then have like a center piece fish. What are the male to female ratio's?
  11. Your suggestion of starting out with 5-6 male peacocks.... My question is, does it matter if they are all different sub species or should I get the same kind?
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