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  1. Moved over my stock from a 120L tank to this one,1690mm by 600mm(w)by 530mm(H), current stocking is some electric yellows, one blue aceii left, two I think smallest type of Synodontis (has spots catfish lol>_<), one i think it a gold spotted plec(has yellow on it anyway) Looking for some fish that come out more, medium to top level since my yellows tend to be around the bottom hide abit, peacocks?something else? Some type of feature/centrepiece fish, are there any schooling ones that would work with? Can shellies be had with these fish really like these guys but not sure if t
  2. OMG yours are huge and expensive I would have though something like this would be more reasonable http://www.scorptec.com.au/product/UPS/UPS/45712-VALUE2200ELCD CyberPower Value SOHO 2200 VA / 1320 Watts UPS $329 against CyberPower Online Series OL10000ERT3UDM 10000VA / 9000W Rackmount UPS $6,842 lol Im not too sure how long these last umm if Power= 10W(per hour) and UPS has 1320 watts then 5.5 days?
  3. So where should I buy the 5 electric yellows and 5 yellow tail acei and maybe 5 Maingano Mbuna from and is it actually possible to get 1M4F? An add on this forum, live fish, gumtree or is there some recommend aquariums in the Melbourne area? What should I be looking for, for good quality/looking ones? @Buccal should I get a small wave maker like a sunsun to push the poop down one end which would allow me to use the spray to skim the surface? Id say clown loaches are way too big for this tank, had them before and ended up swapping for chain loaches which were a much better fish in the end.
  4. Finally got around to setting up my tank, currently has 2 bristlenose in it. Has a 2073 eheim and a OF hydra40 for filtration. I had a talk with parents to get another opinion on what they like; the electric yellows, yellow tail acei and red empress and didn't like the rusties. The red empress seems to get too big and aggressive so they out. So I figured id go with 5 electric yellows and 5 yellow tail acei. I tried putting them with 2 n caudopunctatus but aqadvisor says Warning: Red Fin Caudopunk(n caudopunctatus?) is not recommended to be with Yellow Lab - lake Tanganyika species/mbuna specie
  5. was looking at live fish to get idea for what was out there, so many ha, I like the Pseudotropheus demasoni but there's a review saying it was very aggro? would the Maingano be a better choice with electric yellows? The Saulosi are nice good contrast with the blue/yellow. Is it possible to get 3 species in the tank, 2 top/mid and a shell dweller( think they are interesting but a bit plainer) ? Clean up crew?, some bristle nose? How many would I be looking at fitting in safely for the tank size? Ill use http://www.aqadvisor.comlater when closer to knowing what i want. Guess ill go have a look
  6. @buccal id say just display now since its a small tank and can't get more atm. I don't breed any of my soft water fish, but it does happen in my 500L tank with BNs and corydoras Sterbai and my angels had a go at it but I wasn't interested in raising them. . Water changes for my big tank currently 2 weeks to a month but it has plants to keep down nitrates, my other small tank rarely due to small load and lots of plants. Since african cichlids can't really have plants, I would have to change weekly doubt you could leave longer? Are the Ocean Free Hydra worth getting for this was just reading a
  7. id say angels, pretty tolerant to conditions and other fish not so much to each other ;0, there's some nice blue ones out there but are harder to keep. Or a cloud of smaller fish, rummy nose, emperor tetra, ember tetra they can be kept with angels. Discus fish?I was never good enough to keep them long term and they cost $$$ but great looking fish Chain loaches have great antics as a fish and are very lively for a loach, corydoras (Sterbai:D). On the very small side there is cherry rasbora https://www.google.com.au/imgres?imgurl=http://www.practicalfishkeeping.co.uk/custom/images/medium/4bb47ea
  8. it currently has a eden 511 on it but i can probably swap it with a eheim 3 pro 250( i think that what it is) if more is needed the other tank doesn't really need the eheim with its load. Only really know of Electric Yellows not sure of any other, which why I would like good suggestions if possible or just your favorites. Makes it easier to narrow down whats a good choice.
  9. I have been doing planted soft water tanks for awhile and want to change over one of my tanks to african cichlids for a change of pace but really know nothing about them other than they like hard water, are generally bigger and more colourful. I have a 340 by 900 by 430 (mm W,L,D) tank is it even big enough? If so what kinds would I be looking at and can it be a community with different colours or single species? I do like the electric yellows(labs?) but think they might be too big is there something similar but smaller? Any interesting ones? Would prefer smaller if possible not really into b
  10. Welcome to the forums extreoxy :)

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