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  1. Apologies for crappy and blurry phone camera, they have settled down a lot but still not enough to get a decent photo. there's also a 'mystus catfish' in the background.
  2. Haven't posted in a while now but here's one from about 6 months ago... my missus said the salmon tail was bloated for about 2 hours then when I got home was acting and looking normal. Guess he was just a pig?
  3. Unfortunately it was dead when i got home on thursday, looked like ich was the cause.
  4. Noticed one of my plecos discolouration today does anyone know why or what is causing this.... no behaviour changes and is only this pleco with the discolouration while the other two seem fine? All other fish, salmon tails, silver dollars, clown loaches and an oscar also seem normal? Any help would be appreciated thank you
  5. Contemplating a new playground for my 5 salmon tails,a Saratoga leichardti I'll be picking up over the next couple of days ( only around 7cm) and a couple of my L001 about 15cm mark and a common plec about 30cm... Tank size I'm thinking is L-5ft x W2.5ft x H-3ft, after a bit of feed back on some other tank mates?Hoping for a TSN or iridescent shark, maybe a few large clown loaches or maybe a few mono Sabae?
  6. Im not too sure about captive breeding, sorry... Mine had a good run but recently got swallowed by a salmon tail. The borneo stuck so close to the corners i dont think it really got noticed.
  7. Also got a few pictus cats the other day
  8. Anyone kept these? Whats availability like? Came across one roughly 17cm for $550 just after a bit of feed back as from what ive read theyre are a tankbuster to say the least
  9. Couple of smaller ones about 10cm, sorry for the wee wEE poor quality usual salmon tail madness.
  10. Just a 4x2x2 at the moment,I was actually looking for a couple pictus cats not too long ago but everything fell through other then ridiculous pricings. Also was trying to get an L333 never got a reply on a time and place if that person is on here?!? Anyone with cats they would like to get rid of hit me a message, any other cat suggestions ?
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