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  1. id be interested in the tiger nkanda   details please.

  2. theres a wish list buccal you can send it threw to alex for a febuary shipment. price up inflation? only german importer what ever but seems fair enough to me. id buy some if my fish room wasnt a disaster area and im dreaming about instead of getting it to where i want it.
  3. not really a new development beth h has been working pretty hard all year to get it back on again. but i guess she couldnt do it with out alex at keysborough either.
  4. CICHLIDENLAND - GERMANY Exporter’s Comments Price Size TANGANYIKAN WILD CAUGHT BENTHOCROMIS Tricoti Very Nice, Rare $326.70 10-19 Cm. CYARHOPHARYNX Furcifer Sibwesa 1 Male | 2 Females $293.70 10-18 Cm. CYPHOTILAPIA FRONTOSA Blue Zaire 1 Male $1386.00 30 Cm. Blue Mpimbwe Rare, Few $323.40 10-18 Cm. Blue Zaire Moliro Very Rare, 3 pieces $429.00 10 Cm. CYPRICHROMIS Leptosoma Blue Flash Isanga Rare $128.70 7- 10 Cm. Leptosoma Msalaba Nice $115.50 7- 9 Cm. Leptosoma Utinta Red Tail Males Only
  5. i did have a price list from there first import didnt seem alot different to me but cant find it now. beth h i believe can take alot of the credit for getting it organised again and i did read before xmas how there doing it but cant put my finger on it now.
  6. thats different to i hear i believe keysborough are importing again monthly and have done 2 imports allready.
  7. sorry about my camera work . top one i believe fairly rare in aus. got some gephyrochromis lawsi also and tiger nkanda believe are also quiet rare.
  8. u mentioned one shop changing hands and new owner dont care. new owner doesnt have the option to import quality africans any more? doo they have the knowledge to get in quality fish?
  9. you dont get that kick off waiting for a delivery and kind of knowing its a close ancestor if not from the lake. there are some still out there trying to find away around it i believe. maybe the shop in? dont have much choice and the knowledge to no differences in fish. intangcity.
  10. aulonocara gertrudae masinje
  11. hi how are your maleri golds coming along ?


  12. simy696

    Tank build

    if you go over 2foot high glass thickness goes up from 10mm.
  13. simy696

    Tank build

    sounds about right i had a 8by2by2 quote for glass only not inc strengthening glass or lid holding glass at over 1k still needed to build it on top of that. going over 2foot high ups the glass thickness dramatically. im thinking materials alone would be pushing towards 2k for the size you want.
  14. simy696

    big tank

    yeah sore that went down a different track in the end my road trip explains that.
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