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  1. Hi guys, I'm looking at changing my set up a little bit and want to get some South American fish in place of my remaining (and more aggressive) African cichlids. A couple of questions I have; Do I need to change the substrate? I currently have small browny-coloured pebble-like substrate. Is this similar to what is found in their natural habitats? Is there much of a change required in the way of filtration, water circulation, decorations and overall tank maintenance? I currently have an Aqua One AquaStyle 620 - 90L curved glass aquarium with a Nautilus 600 canister filter
  2. Hi all, long time no see. I have recently bought a new place in the Sutherland Shire and wanted to get my tank up and running again (you can see my tank by clicking here). I have an Aqua One 620 90L aquarium that I'll be moving from my parent's place over to my new unit and wanted to get prepared for some new fish. In a nutshell, these are my plans; My cabinet has some minor water damage but I'm a perfectionist and want to chase a new one - do I buy it direct from Aqua One or do you know a cheaper supplier? I prefer genuine. Have live aquarium plants - chasing very low ma
  3. I didn't even think of that to be honest. I am getting a pretty sweet deal with Andrew anyway for some replacement bulbs though. He has helped me in the past numerous times so it is only fair for me to return the favour. I'll be picking them up tomorrow evening/Saturday morning. I do thank you all for the replies once again. It's refreshing to find a forum that actually has a community of people willing to help out others, especially those that are quite new to the cichlid scene such as myself.
  4. Great, thanks a lot Buccal. I'll be visiting Andrew over at Labyrinth Aquarium tomorrow so he should have the bulbs I need.
  5. Thanks for the posts guys. I haven't got any live plants in the tank so that may mean the difference between one type of light over another. Is it a better thing to separate light frequencies (one button turns on just the Sunlight and the other button to turn on just Marine Blue) or should I get the mixed bulb to benefit from both types of light at the same time?
  6. Hi everyone. I have an Aqua One 620 Aquastyle 90L aquarium. In the past month or so one of my bulbs has been flickering and only just recently has the other one started doing the same thing. I was trying to hold out with one bulb being out but now they're both fairly bad and I am afraid that the constant flickering will negatively impact the fish in the tank. Where is the best place to buy replacement bulbs? I don't want to waste too much money however I am all for using the genuine Aqua One products if possible. Has anyone heard of Aquarium Spare Parts and would they be good to buy from? Judg
  7. Welcome to the forums Liberty :)

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