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  1. Hey all, I know a lot of you probably get asked this A LOT. But would anyone know of anywhere in Oz that I could possibly source a Lake Malawi species poster? Also, would anyone know of any Lake Malawi Hap. Species Posters? Cheers in advance guys!
  2. Thanks guys! You're most certainly teaching me things I've never really learned about, specifically filtration.
  3. Thank you @humbug! I think ill definitely be going with the Marine Pure, the comparison is definitely the best way to learn what makes them a superior media to use. Thank you guys for all your advise thus far, I look forward to plenty more to come!
  4. Thanks @undercoverbrother! Greatly appreciate it! If I was to go with the BioPure Balls rather than standard Bio Balls, would that be more of a suitable option given that they do provide a much greater surface area?
  5. Thanks @humbug i greatly apprecite your advice! Ill definintely continue to research as much as i can
  6. :blink needing advice before I lose my mind

  7. Hey guys. So over the next few months I'll be upgrading from my standard 4 foot to a 5x2x2. I will be running a sump on the new set-up, however as I have only really had experience with canisters I was after your suggestions and thoughts as to: - what size sump is required, - What size pump would be best for the return, - sump set-up/layout and , - the best media that you'd all recommend for the sump. I'm here to learn from all of your years of experience so please fire away! Cheers
  8. Welcome to the forums brayschout :)

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