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    Thanks for the link. In regards to the litres in the tank how do I know how many litres it is? What's the ichonex worth and best place to get it? I haven't seen it before that might be because I haven't looked for it before though. Might be easier getting that instead of trying to remember the salt treatment if it happens again.
  2. Bambi92


    Hi all Our 3ft with the 2 green terrors and 3 bristle noses has ich so far its just the green terrors that have it on them (last time I buy fish from the place we got them second time it's happened) last time it was my 6ft and I used the salt to clear it up and haven't had a problem since in that tank. If I remember correctly i raised the temp slowly to I think about 30c but I can't remember how much salt I put in. I looked around and unless I'm looking in the wrong places I can't find a straight answer as to how much to put In I used rock salt last time and have it in the cupboard so I'm usin
  3. Thank you I do have another tank but it has two green terrors in it. I fed them this morning and watched them and they fed them I think and so far they haven't been eaten by any other fish. Is it normal for convicts to be real meanies to oscars? I now only have 2 Oscars because my albino died and the convicts don't leave them alone even before the pairs formed they were like it. Thank you for the info
  4. Hi all One of my two pairs of convicts decided to breed not sure if they had them yesterday or today I only noticed them this afternoon they went to the trouble of claiming the ship in the tank but the little ones and parents are swimming around the tank but only go just over half way then the parents make them go back in the other direction away from the other fish. I was going to clean the tank this weekend while I still can lean over the tank to do it (im 4 and a half mths pregnant so its getting harder lol) can I still clean it with the little ones there? Or am I best waiting till there a
  5. Guess ill just have to keep an eye on them and hope for the best. The convicts think its feed time every time someone is near the tank haha Thanks for the reply
  6. Depending on if some survive I wouldn't keep them all I have 7 as it is dont need any more pairs in there. How big/old do they have to be before they can survive on there own? And be taken away from there parents? And if the other fish eat them are they going to end up over eating? Would I have to change how much food they get? Sorry for all the questions I don't want to end up killing my other fish or the convicts if they have fry and as I've said above I've never had pairs before or fry.
  7. I've known a few people that have had oscars and they have all been very different which is why I like them so much. Some have been "aggressive" to the point where you couldn't go near the tank without them trying to attack you and you couldn't put your hand in the tank or you'd end up with blood coming out of your hand or arm. But that was because the owner was a complete Ahole to them I ended up with them in the end and they went from that to being friendly and calm. As for the convicts so far one lot have a ship and a rock cave thing and the other has a car with plants that I put in a few
  8. Thanks for the info I have got another tank but I don't have a filter or anything else for it and haven't got the money to buy stuff for it right now. I have the 3 ft I can use but the green terror is in there now and he has bashed my albino Oscar really bad his fins are all stuffed up and he missing some scales if I put him back in the 6ft he's going to kill my Oscar and I don't want that we do have a divider for the 3ft but it doesn't sit right in the tank would there be a way to put the convicts and the green terror in the same tank or will he get through the divider and kill them all? And
  9. How do I know if they have? I wouldn't know the first thing about looking after them I've never done it What do I do if they end up breeding? Are they going to be ok in the tank or do I have to move them to a different tank so the other fish don't eat them? I may seem a bit stupid asking and not knowing about breeding but I've never been interested in breeding fish just having them as a hobby
  10. Hi all this is my first post so ill introduce myself and my fish first. My names Laura and I currently have a 6x2x2ft aquarium, a standard 3ft (which is my partners but has one of my fish in it for now) and a 4x2x2ft that I'm thinking about selling but not sure yet. My 6ft has 3 oscars, 7 convicts, 2 bristle nose suckers and a gold fish (yes he doesn't belong but they don't attack him or anything unless he gets to close to the burrow explanation belong) The 3ft has 2 albino bristle noses and a green terror who was in the 6ft but it was bashing my Oscar so I moved him over to that tank. Now th
  11. Welcome to the forums Bambi92 :)

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