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  1. Totally certain there Laurie in the species that I have Thanks for your clarification that you were only talking about the fish that you had Cheers
  2. Totally incorrect there Laurie I've just got these in and there not spawning With 11 males they are showing off all the time at the moment And great to watch Cheers
  3. Sorry to hear that efc they are nice Laurie happens a lot you go away and come back to disaster Unfortunately fish are 24/7
  4. Beautiful fish Pavo nangu t fin Have u still got some of the colony efc??
  5. All showing blue at the moment of the 11 males 6 are showing the blue tail as the photo and and ventril fins all the same I'll keep u posted as they settle in
  6. Your not wrong heaps of questions for ad konings These are showing enormous amounts of blue more so than yellow
  7. I wouldn't say lack of coloration fish are showing fantastic color
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