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  1. starting to think twice about this, i know it would be beneficial for a catfish or discus system with a low ph, but might consider just sticking with tap water, certainly wont blow the budget considering the price of electricity, uv sterilizer and some carbon and purigen should clean things up nicely
  2. awesome tanks guys, im thinking it might be galvanised as it is extremly old, so might have to do a paint job and seal it off, yeah i was thinking of tapping it off during the dry spell and monitoring the weather once some good rain is due ill let the rubbish water clean it then tap into the water tank, i was also going to run the tank water via some reactors of carbon and purigen to polish off any organics, and use a dosing pump and ph comp. to buffer the water when it comes in. any other suggestions?
  3. hi guys, looking to plum my shed roof into a large water tank for extra water changes. my shed is made of tin (bare looking colourbond) just wondering if anyone has used this sort of catchment bare and had sucess, i was expecting to prob have to use some prime or alpha to remove heavy metals. secondly would painting this fix the problem? any advice is appreciated thanks
  4. hey guys, currently have a few colonies of frontosa which should be approching breeding age (WC moba, Kigoma, Burundi) and want to start conditioning them with fresh food, have currently fed sardines peices, live yabbes and small crayfish, just wondering what other foods people have had sucess with, im not after anybodies trade secrets but just some clarification on foods that do and dont work. i was thinking of, fresh green prawns, squid (prob small thin strips), and fish flesh (from deepsea fish). thanks
  5. awesome room thanks for sharing, have you priced up solar heating for your main system, im currenty pricing it up myself , as well as using a R/C system for night time. thanks again
  6. if your after a decent quantity to make it worth your while i cand send you some down via fastways, have lots of sizes all quiet thick and strong .also have lots of barnicle clusters which ive found to be popular with calvus/comps etc
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