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  1. Not so small anymore. Little pigs just like their parents lol. About 5-6cm now. Cheers RonnyM.
  2. Easily the best ones I've seen in Sydney!
  3. They are mouth brooders Cheers RonnyM.
  4. Hear a LOT of bad things about them... I enquired with them once, got a reply after I had already had my tank made and set up from another place lol. Can't recommend Steve from Western Sydney Aquariums enough. Cheers RonnyM.
  5. Thanks guys! Glad you enjoyed it. I was a lil worried it was too long to keep people interested and watch the whole thing lol. Cheers Ronny.
  6. Hi all, A little project I've been working on since the Benthochromis spawned. It's a time lapse that shows the development of some fish from the day they were spawned to free swimming Cheers RonnyM.
  7. A bit too small to hug these guys but this will do lol. Cheers RonnyM.
  8. Kind of like an ugly duckling, when they're adults, they are gonna be some super sexy fish lol. Cheers RonnyM.
  9. It's something I've bred and is pictured throughout the thread. I don't have Gobies and it's not a Moba Cheers RonnyM.
  10. The lights are both LEDs and are the same brand but like the old fluro tubes, LEDs have different spectrums, kelvins etc. and the units are different. The ones I currently have are a full white LED which is not as bright as the last unit. The last one was a Pro ZR LED unit which is a full spectrum RGB Unit. Big difference between the two units, hence the change out. Cheers RonnyM.
  11. Thanks I've always wondered how they got the bad rep and even more so when I bred them myself. So I thought I'd sue it out and clarify for myself Just a few from the latest batch... Cheers RonnyM.
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