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  1. Hi All, I have 5 compressiceps (2m 3f) that live in my 1200L with lots of other small tangs In the last few weeks 3 of them have been progressively sitting on the bottom more and more. They rest on their fins and breathe heavier than the other fish. When they do go for a swim it takes more effort than it should. I have done water changes and increased aeration but no change. The other 50 or so fish are fine. I think swim bladder issue? but why only the comps? and why not all the comps? Anyone got any ideas?
  2. I have a 7x 2.5 x 2.5 that has 12mm sides and i have had 2 high tanks with 10mm sides The above advice seems spot on
  3. I like the look of this tank. especially the scape. Can you fill it up a bit more?
  4. All equipment will be in the sump when I get it running. I have even made a fake rock to hide the wavemaker. That is also why the water is low I don't want to run the sump till I get the panels that cover the stand as I have little kids and they will be tempted to throw things in Thanks for your comments
  5. After lots of planning, and having smaller tanks in rental properties, I have finally got fish in my new display tank. I have spent so many years trying to stuff large fish into the minimum tank they can be housed in and wanted to do something different. The aim was to make a beautiful piece of living art for the house and have many small fish in a large tank. I have done a lot of reading on this site (member for 14yrs despite very few posts) and also some SW reef sites and thank you all for the information so generously given. The background took a long time and the first
  6. Needing advice I think I am heading away from concrete as a sealer for my background. There is a lot of info around but some conflicting. I have searched this forum and people tend to like Bitkote No3 or Crommelin Pond sealer. It sounds like drylok is the ultimate but unavailable in Aus. Would the below be the same as Drylok??? http://www.justwaterproofing.com.au/balconies_roofs.html
  7. OK. Been thinking and the simplest design I can come up with uses three baffles / bulkheads. Please comment on the design below http://s377.photobucket.com/user/1humanash/media/SUMP%20IDEA%202.jpg.html
  8. Thanks heaps Chuck. I appreciate the video I agree simple is best. I think I will alter my design to be more like yours. The reason I had 90mm between my bulkheads / baffles was so I can fit my hand between them It looks like most people don't worry about that
  9. I am probably over thinking this too much. Reviewing my own design I think the wet dry section has to go as it is too hard to get enough bioballs above the waterline I know there are other biological medias that don't need to be wet/dry. I want to run the filtersocks and have a section where the weir overflow can enter the sump with out splashing (ie pipes underwater) other than that im open. Of the various types of filtration what is the best order: Mechanical ->Biological -> Chemical ??
  10. Thanks, Technology is not my strong point. Link to photobucket below http://s377.photobucket.com/user/1humanash/media/sump.jpg.html http://i377.photobucket.com/albums/oo220/1humanash/sump.jpg I should add that I have done a lot of searching on this forum and others to get to this point. I just want to see if any more experienced people can help me find what I have missed
  11. ashfishy

    Sump design

    Hi All, I would appreciate any help with the design of a new sump I am making for a 7x2.5x2.5 Tanganyikan display tank. The sump will be a 4x2x50cm (mixing units sorry) as seen below. The tabs that stick out of the vertical pieces in my drawing will hold perforated trickle plates. Some who support media and some who aid dispersion. I wanted to use filter socks and have an underwater entry to reduce noise but also want wet/dry section for biological filtration. I then redirect the water through a bubble trap/slow down into a section with sponge and carbon through anothe
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