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  1. Or you could hook up one end to the tap outsitde like I did, run some water to fill the hose and then leave it to drain. This starts the gravel cleaner/suction autmatically, no swallowing water and is really handy when I clean my 6x2x2 When you want to fill, just hook up the end that was draining the water away and turn the tap back on (I use a hose attachment on the end so you can quickly hook it up to the tap and disconnect easily). Hopefully this may help some people.
  2. Hi all, just wondering if you've seen any Tyrannochromis nigriventer around? What are they going for as fry? And what size tank would you need for a colony of 6 or so...im guessing 6x2x2?...and what can you keep with them?! Any info on this would be great.
  3. A certain shop in Parramatta Westfields has electric blue crosses for sale. The only saving grace is that they are labelled as such. Previously they were selling electric blue x red empress... So just be weary.
  4. Some pics of your setups would be awesome jess and julian. You keep some of my favourite species! Hope to see some pics soon.
  5. My Current tang community setup in my 6x2x2 has some young frontosa growing up. A calvus, a pair of Julies and Opthalmotilapia Ventralis in there. I am eventually going to add some shell dwellers. I've also got a 4x18x18 with leptosoma kibishi that are breeding, but don't want to upset them by adding anything else just yet. Lepto's would be nice in the 6x2x2, but once the frontosa get fully grown they'd become a midnight snack!
  6. In a 4fter I'd stick to just the 3 types, rock dweller, shell, and open water. The Xeno's are sand sifters but in a 4fter I would want to stick to something that is open water and wouldn't conflict too much with either the shell or rock dwellers. A group of 5-7+ of the non jumbo type of cyps should be fine in a 4x18x18 or so. It doesn't state if it's a standard 4fter or not. I think this community would be safe for a 4fter. The Xeno's can get quite large (comparitive to shell, rock and open water cyps) and are territorial which could lead to aggression to and from the shell dwellers Stick to t
  7. All good suggestions. I normally powder up spirulina flake and Orca pellets for a good mix. Baby brine shrimp will give good colour and growth in my experience. However, you can't go past live foods and cultures.
  8. HI, I'd stick with a single shell dweller, in a group of shells preferably away from a rocky area. Possibly either N. multifasciatus, or N. occelatus or even Brevis. I'd say multifasciatus are less aggressive than occelatus. Then in a rocky zone at either end of the tank i'd have many rocks and caves (as the name suggests!) and this could be good for Julidochromis or Chalinochromis species or any other rock dweller, however remember to restrict this just to one type. These are territorial and often aggressive fish, especially when spawning. Thirdly i'd pick a Cyprichromis type species for the
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