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  1. Powerglo is a good tube but they need to be changed every 6 months or so, problem with flouros.
  2. Macropore is best used in a reactor, but trust me tumbling it is a pain in the bajezuss, I would not spend money going down that road but if you want to give it a go by all means. Before tumbling macropore I used a vacuum bag sealer and used the large bags designed for purigen, the sealer sealed them up nicely!. I had macropore bags, 4 times the size of the little purigen bags, I will admit I thought I was pretty cool that day!
  3. If you really want glassy water get yourself a diatom filter, mine would make my water so clear it looked like the fish were floating in air.
  4. You can use it if you like, many seasoned users just do not see the need, it is up to you, I am quite sure you cannot over dose with macropore so go sick young man!
  5. I ran purigen/macropore for a while but my water parameters showed no improvements so I gave up on it, I tried it in bags and tumbling, others may show different results but my tanks are just as clear without it. Macropore is the cheaper of the two.
  6. PlecoSam

    Sump advice

    I bought mine from the UK, I use 100micron mesh socks and 200 micron felt socks, most of the ones in Aus are Chinese crap and I do not trust the micron rating. Some say mesh are worse then felt but the fact felt is a poor filter medium makes them ok, what I mean is as felt blocks its micron rating decreases. I do not siphon my sump but I do use a cheap pump and suck all the crap into a bucket and through one of my socks, works for me as I only need to do it 3 or so times a year. The socks I change every other day or so, it takes 2minutes to change them and 20 minutes every two weeks
  7. PlecoSam

    Sump advice

    I vacuum mine every few months, my sump is a very simple design and is easy to do, I use filter socks and although they need changing and cleaning they keep the sump clean and the actual sump requires little maintenance.
  8. Problem with cheap PH probes is they drift rather badly.
  9. It is a little small for my taste, but could be one of the few instances I would recommend marine pure spheres, you need to add efficient biological media due to the smallish size. The sump for my 7x2x2 is 4x1.5x1.5, a little overkill but heaps of room for media, you will need to keep an eye on for evaporation in the pump section of your setup.
  10. I have about 25 litres of bio balls in the sump of my 7 x 2 x 2, is the sump 1 foot high or wide?
  11. Are you serious that is their reply, with them spelling mistakes, wowsers!
  12. Reminds of Cheech and Chong, acid maaaan!
  13. Chris are those colours enhanced?
  14. PlecoSam


    Buccal if you have male prositutes building up in your tank you have more problems than your choice of fish food lol! http://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=Waiste
  15. Lol Buccal you crack me up at times!
  16. Have you tried, mood lighting with Barry White music?
  17. Daily water changes and substrate clean, losing fish is never fun, like Buccal said waste management is the key, probably just built up over time and lack of maintenance.
  18. Uh oh! just kidding your fish will be fine!
  19. My ex lost the plot with me a few years back and demanded I get a hobby, she said I was a lazy so and so. One day browsing a bike shop I impulsively bought a bike and started cycling, slowly at first maybe 30 or 40k's a week, I thought this might be a good hobby, might shut her up, I'll show her who is lazy! Then I started riding more and more, I dropped 15kg's, the guy at the local bike shop invited me on a few rides and I met a few guys, who are now my best mates. I ramped it up exponentially, riding almost every day, and out the door 4:30am for 100+ k rides on the weekends, training becau
  20. I hope it works for you but my marine pure block has produced very minimal results after a year, there is a lot of hype around marine pure which I think is unfounded, have you considered carbon dosing?
  21. I don't think you will get the results you are wanting from Marinepure, to be honest you will be spending a lot of money with little result. What do you currently have media wise in your sump?
  22. My thoughts Buccal, I was going to say the same thing but I don't much experience with diseases, I thought you would chime in. :-)
  23. I have a Tunze, I don't use it though, but it is strong and quiet, I was going to use it as a backup for surface agitation in my 7 x 2 x 2, if you have a descent pump which you do, no need for the wavemaker, I agree with Chucky?
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