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Neolamprologus cylindricus


Species information

Species: Neolamprologus cylindricus

Synoma: Lamprologus cylindricus

Common name: Cylindricus

Origin: Lake Tanganyika, East Africa.

Localities/Morphs: Found on the south eastern coastline of Lake Tanganyika from the Ifume River to the Kalambo River.

Maximum size: Males can grow up to 12cm.

Natural habitat: This is a rock dwelling cichlid.

Natural foods/prey: Crustations and small fish.

Water chemistry in the wild: ranging from 8 - 9.4 ph 22*c-30*c

Predators: Lepidiolamprologus sp.

Brood size: 60-150 eggs are laid

Breeding method: Egg layer. Females usually lay eggs in a cave or shell

Husbandry requirements

Minimum tank size: 3 foot fish tank for 1 pair.

Sex ratio: Pairs work well in the aquarium although in the wild pairs rarely stay together longer than 1 month.

Tolerance of conspecifics: Males tend not to be the best of friends.

Tolerance of heterospecifics: Do not keep adult N. leleupi and N. cylidricus together.

Water chemistry in aquaria: Well oxygenated water at 8 - 9.4ph

Temperature range: 26*c is perfect but any where from 22 - 30*c would be safe.

Foods accepted: Loves brine shrimp, mosquito larvae, accepts pellets and flake, will also do well with the occassional feed of bloodworms and live blackworms.

Special requirements: N. cylindricus love heaps of rockwork and hiding spots, males like to have cool caves to hangout in. These fish thrive if they have regular water changes and a varied diet. More protein than green foods are prefered.

Notes Grow up approimately 10 young then select the best pairs or pair. Lay a tiger shell in the corner of the tank for the female and a clam shell (cupped down) for the male in front of her shell. Use dither fish to distract the male from harrassing the female too much. Once the pair have been breeding a while the dither fish can be removed. These fish can breed every few weeks once they are settled in.

Avoid fish with faint or crooked bars.


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