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  2. Just wanted to give @Link2Hell a pat on the back. Perfect advice for anyone that is figuring out the whole water parameters part of our hobby. Great job Chris taking the time to go into detail in your replies. On another topic as to why people would want fish from that lake is beyond me The better fish come from a lake that is close starting with a T. I use the Aqua-Pics GH and KH conditioners. Great product! Not sure if it's related or just coincidence but noticed increased breeding activity in my tropheus tanks when I first starting using these products. Che
  3. Thanks. No fish yet. Have to sort the water and do a cycle. I'll get the stuff I need and work it out and get back to you. Cheers
  4. @dravynso the tapwater needs to be conditioned up for Malawi you want it 7.5 - 8.5 pH I prefer about 8.0 pH as it is easier when staging in fish from lower parameters kh you want around 150 - 200 ppm (8-10 deg) gh the same between 150 - 200 ppm (8-10 deg) you need to test the tank water and compare readings see what your local stocks or buy online Aquapics is Aussie made in Melb good product and Scott is a great guy Seachem is good product US made Continuum is good also make sure you get a kh buffer first and bring the water up to 150ppm
  5. Also I don't have any buffers/salts. Which do you recommend?
  6. Ok so tap water is; PH 7.0 GH 71.6 KH 35.8
  7. the coral rubble will act as a buffer but you need to get the parameters into the range first test the water and compare results then you will have a direction to take JBL are a better kit
  8. Malawi yes. I figured I would have to adjust but I thought the coral and holey rock would increase the ph on it's own and then I would have to adjust the difference? Unless I'm wrong? I've got api and jbl kits.
  9. @dravyn seeing as you are setting up for Malawi you will need to adjust what you will need to know is the pH, kh and gh from your tapwater and what the tank is then you will know how much to adjust the water to correct your parameters normally hardness is low and pH is approx 7.2 in my area but may be different up there you want to try to get your pH to between 7.5 and 8.5 the stability of this is from your kh level as it is the carbonate harness that does this rather than the trace elements and minerals that make up your gh levels what test k
  10. Hi, I'm hopefully getting my tank in the next few days, I've got a good selection of holey rock plus some coral chunks in one of my filters. Out of the tap the PH is 7.0. If the PH is going to rise due to the rock and coral, how long can I expect the rise to take before it stabilises at the new level? Days/weeks? Cheers.
  11. A new home for my Enantiopus, black bee cyps, black occies and Sumbu This is my first tank with black sand - not too sure if it works. IMG_2862.MOV
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  13. Hi everyone It is coming up to the end of our financial year and renewals are due July/August and the August meeting is the AGM for the new committee so if you would like to try a highly paid position in the club consider nominating for committee Can you give a couple of nights a month, does the idea of receiving no money for effort appeal to you 😃 do you think you have something to offer .............. Also on the night will be the Monster Fish Raffle to try your luck on this year, if you have missed the past few years then mark this day down in the
  14. Guest

    Cyprichromis Leptosoma "Utinta"

    Wanting to some 0401870218
  15. I Love MTS....Great at cleaning up uneaten food Can't seem to keep them going in my tanks with Central Americans.....A spillurus,A sajica,A nigrofasciatus Just seem to end up with empty shells everywhere!
  16. Hello members and guests The NSW Cichlid Society committee is committed to following the advice of NSW Health and providing a safe environment for our members and guests. As a result of the recent change in the COVID-19 situation in Victoria and Southern NSW, we request that you to please do not attend the NSW Cichlid Society Meeting and Mini Auction on 5 June 2021 if you or a member of your household has: Been to Victoria within the last 14 days Been in contact with anyone that has been to Victoria within the last 14 days Been in contact with anyone that has visited a
  17. Well I've decided to come down on Saturday to sign my life away and meet a few of you. I haven't been for a road trip since Covid started...
  18. I think i should have ordered a second tank! Lol
  19. its not a bad ride there and back going down its about 3hrs. and coming back its about 2hrs. i do it one time a month lol the best is the big auction that go's all day and in to the night its like 400-500 lots of little friends to go home with u lol all and all it a good time so hope to see u there
  20. The raffle also has dry goods and you get a choice of what left of the table so you should be able to find something you like.
  21. Are Aristochromis christyi able to be sexed by venting at 13cm? I know they have to be sexually mature. This one's vent looks male to me but I'm not that experienced venting. It has a tiny shimmer of blue but a lot of female fish can have a "shimmer" of colour right? He's in with much bigger male haps . . .
  22. I'll come down, sign up and introduce myself then! What happens if you win fish you don't want or don't have a tank for? A perfect excuse to start a new tank I guess? Lol
  23. Thanks all. I have seen a couple more in my tank with black marks on the body and fins too. I might try and put them aside and try to breed them amongst themselves.
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