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I think I'm mad, but it seems to work.

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Hi all. I am new to the forum, not to the hobby (I see it's pretty quiet, so I thought I'd just jump in) and I'm keen to hear what people think of my community tank stocking.

I have a 5 x 2 x 2 display in the lounge room with a big driftwood feature, large rocks and crypts, java, anubus, amazon sword. Nice to look at, LCA fert. MMLED's

My centrepiece fish is a single male pollini, less than 20cm so far (Trying to grow him big, but he only wants crickets (keen to discuss))

Now, this is where it seems counter-intuitive.... with him are a dozen harlequin rasboras (and others)

The interaction between these fish is incredible, Pollini has never eaten anyone (yet). He totally ignores the rasboras, which is unbelieveable considering he only wants live crickets. In fact, when he eats, they come and crowd him to get any bits of cricket that come out of his gills ,and they get damn close to his mouth! This is the behaviour I wanted to share. It seems crazy but the interaction is like something you'd see on a nature docco - really cool to watch. My mate says madness I say genius. Any opinions?

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Hi @Beaz  welcome to ACE

Polleni are awesome 👍

Loved my pair when I kept them

you will find it hard to wean him off live food if he has become addicted to it

all I can advise is to try adding a couple of floating pellets when you feed him the cricket

and only one cricket so he may associate the floating pellets as food also maybe try and

have the cricket hold on to a pellet so he takes in both, it could be a long process

leave the pellets in the tank and just net them out if he hasn't eaten them during the day or

overnight depending on when you feed him

have you tried prawn meat with him ?

tankmates either work or are a dismal fail and it sounds like he doesn't consider the Rasbora

a threat or food source

Keep us posted on how you go 

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Hi Link, thanks for the pointers regarding the crickets, I'll try these methods, as you said, I think it's something that'll need time.

I think he'd grow better, or have a more balanced diet on pellet food also? They started out as treats and quickly became the only thing he'll take - my fault.

I'm worried I'm gonna have to starve him a bit to change him..not good.

Sometimes I trick him and he'll eat a gulp of 1 or 2 pellets before he has realised what he hit, then he swims off in disgust, having already swallowd 'em - ha ha ha.

I'm in no real hurry to change the crickets because his and the rasbora eating behaviour is so cool to watch.

I have given him prawn meat, he'll take it with less enthusiasm, the rasboras get no bits (I need the David Attenbourough experience), and, help me out here, I have read that prawns get ich. The cautionary stories online about that...worry me, apparently pollini's are not good at fighting it off? I don't even know that it can even be transmitted to a tank this way, it hasn't happened to me (yet). Anyway, I'm wary but ignorant. I have been told a UV inline is a good thing to help prevent ich?

I will endeavour to video feeding time, if I can get watchable footage I'll post it for sure.


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