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Stocking a new male peacock tank 275L

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Hi All,

I'm not new to the hobby (20 Years) but i'm new to african cichlids. Ive been researching and debating cichlids or discus and have taken the plunge. I cycled up a 6 foot, 275 lt tank with sand substrate, some texas holey rock (not a lot) and FX6 filter with coral rubble and bio home over the past two months and went out and grabbed some cichlids today;

  • 1 X Aulonacara baenchi
  • 1 X Aulonacara blue neon
  • 1 X Aulonacara Eureka red
  • 1 X Aulonacara maulana
  • 1 X Aulonacara maleri
  • 2 X Cuckoo Synos

I guess my question would be that as the bio in the filter rises to meet the load, i'll be adding in more. Im looking for recommendations on good peacocks and some smaller haps maybe to complement the tank. Looking to add 4 - 5 at a time.

Thanks in advance for your wisdom. Cheers

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For mid sized Haps look at

P. fenestratus like Taiwan Reef or Chimoto Yello




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