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Sump Design

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Which one of these designs would work the best for a 3Ft sump for a 4 x 2 x 2




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they will all work but I like pic one best

will you be using a spreader plate or spray bar

first chamber is good with media choice but I would use egg crate under the dacron mat as it is a pain to

pry it apart from the jap matting when the fibres catch

don't particularly like Scoria and there appears to be a large amount of bacteria media with the jap mat, sponges, baki rods

and coral rubble. I would use that area for a bag of Macropure

chamber walls single or double is basically your preference but single is easier if you are cleaning it

height of chamber wall is critical as if the volume above it is smaller than the  volume of the in tank drain point

you can have a flood with a power outage when it back flushes so calculate volumes

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