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major auction (what u are bring)

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any one bring any tangs to the auction

i myself are bring

Neolamprologus buescheri (Kamakonde) Zaire Gold    2-3 lots   ea. lot has 4 fish

Neolamprologus pulcher  (Daffodil)  up to 3 lots      ea. lot has 6 fish

Julidochromis marlieri (Burundi)    up to 3 lots     ea. lot has 6 fish

Julidochromis regani (Bujumbura)  1 lot      ea. lot has 6 fish

and maybe some `Lamprologus` caudopunctatus  (Caudopunk)  1 lot    ea. lot has 6 fish

and some Synodontis multipunctatus cuckoo catfish    1 lot for 5 cats


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