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Aquaclear quality

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Hi All,

Has there been a decline in quality of the aquaclear filters or am I just unlucky and got a dud?

I bought a new ac200 and straight up unit seems much more noisy than what these used to be. I took apart the impeller and shaft to rinse for any grit and reset but still same rattle. With the lid off its bearable but not what I want.

Decided to lube the impeller and shaft with a little vaseline which made the unit dead silent but 2 days later already back to the noisy unit.

Anyone else have this problem or a known issue with the AC now?

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Hi Adam, 

Welcome back.

Not sure of the quality of current aquaclear but I am still using the aquaclear that you gave me longtime ago :clap

What fish are you keeping now? Still into American?

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Hey mate, long time since I saw you around mac park although I recently got cut in the last round of redundancies which I was hoping.

Back with the one tank for now and currently cycling with plans for a multispinosa species tank which I havent kept before. 

I'm sure one will turn into a second tank though the hobby seems so much more expensive now. 

Ended up ditching the ac200 for an eheim 2217.

Living in a flat and couldnt cope with new noise from the AC.

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