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A slow return to the hobby

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Hi Forum goers,

has been maybe 7 years since I posted here and sold up my fish and equipment but feel like now is a good time for another crack although to start off slowly and wish I started a few weeks earlier with the NSW society major auction on the 6th.

bought myself a 24x18x20 tank which I plan to house some SA dwarf species which is a new one for me.

i previously loved my Central American species and looking around I see a few new species available too.

Anyway looking for some pointers on places to purchase equipment either online or local in Sydney as well as the classifieds here which I will also be looking at? Is AOA still a good place to shop?

any LFS you can recommend for a good range dwarf species? Is riverside aquarium still the go for Americans and the odd hard to find?

also are Eheim canisters still the go for filtration? Someone was trying to push me onto an internal filter by ocean free but always thought internals were never great for cichlid tanks.

Feel like an excited kid at Xmas buying my first tank again!!



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Welcome back Adam  :raisehand:

AoA is still going just google 

Labyrinth (was Riverside) is still on 9th Ave Campsie and Andrew is always happy to talk cichlids

there are also smaller Centrals like Sajica and Septemfasciatus around if you want to go that way

I still like my Eheims and prefer a cannister over an internal on a stand alone set up unless it is large and a sump is an option

plenty of good pick ups in the classifieds, Petlink, Gumtree and various Facebook groups

You know you can't just stop at one :wink2:


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Thanks Chris,

Septemfasciatus would be nice. Nice to know they are still around.

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