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My Community Planted tank

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Hi folks,

Here is a pic of my planted/community tank. 

The fish I’ve got in there are:

Lionhead cichlids, Rainbowfish, Congo Tetras, Angels, Red Top Electric Blue Rams,  Peppermint and Common BN, Gold Spot Plecos, One large Featherfin Cat, a few Electric Blue males, Gold sucking cats, One large Glass cat, Two Gourami (Pearl and Blue Spot) and about 100 common BN fry in a saver. 

I have no problems with aggression or fighting as all the fish just seem to get along really well. 

This pic is a few months old and after using some LCA all in one fertilisers for a few weeks all the plants now are almost triple in size. Currently I’ve stopped the ferts and have reduced light to only one light (usually 3) and the photoperiod to only 4 hours a day as I’m treating for a massive black beard algae outbreak. I’ll get a current pic up soon  


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