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Aulonocara Mamelela not eating

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Hi all,

Looking for some advice. My Aulonocara Mamelela got beaten up in the display tank. He had some torn fins and a couple of nicks on his body. So I put him in my sump as  I didn't have a quarantine/hospital tank and he was recovering and eating a little. I have since setup a quarantine tank with cycled matrix from my display tank but he is no longer eating any food I give him. I have tried Dainichi and Vitalis. Any idea what's wrong with him? Could it be stress? Quarantine tank is bare bottom with a small aqua one hob filter and an air pump with an air stone.

Water parameters are:



Nitrate:5ppm (yellow using API test kit)

PH: 8.2



Temperature: 26deg


The parameters are similar to my display tank.

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Moving him from the sump to the quarantine probably stressed it out again.

Give him somewhere to hide in the quarantine and dont run a light etc so he can try and get used to he's new environment. Give it a few days than try some brine or bloodworms to tempt him into eating them try you dried food. 

Should come good. Fish can go a fair while without eating. So dont stress yo much.

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Thanks Brad. I'll add some PVC pipes to give him somewhere to hide. I'm just a bit concerned as he's been in quarantine for around 10 days and isn't eating. 

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