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Absolute colour food

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Absolute colour food has anyone used it? The LFS was trying to push me to buy it when i purchased a couple of peacocks to help hold the colour of fish.

It said on the pack that it does not contain sex hormone.

Just want to know if it's alright to use with NLS that i'm currently using. I'm just worried it is a hormone food and wont be any good for the fish. Any help would be great.

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  1. probably incouraging u as if u stop using it your new fish will turn into females and turn grey.

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Absolutley no problems with using it in the correct circumstances.

Whitecrane should not be used in breeding situations as breeding will stop.

Whitecrane should not be used to trick people for extra sales,,, but completely ethical if the buyer is notified about the stock being color fed.

Whitecrane is the only true color enhancer food in Australia except for astaxanthin loaded foods which enhances yellows, reds and oranges over a very long period of time of feeding,, which works differently to whitecrane which triggers fluorescence production in the fishes systems with PSB as active ingredient,,,, and works within days!!!!!.

All other foods that claim 'color enhancing', is a slight exaggeration,,,, these foods would be better described as color promoters and not enhancers.

Don't think of whitecrane as a food,,, it lacks nutrition compared to other foods.

Think of white crane as a TOOL.

So,,,,,, 20% whitecrane and 80% of any premium food.

If white crane is exclusively fed,,, the fishes lives become shortened with organ failure.

White crane has no impact on life span when fed 20% portion in diet.

I have 8-9 year old cichlids doing well on the 20%-80% feeding.

Best to use whitecrane ADP "tiny crumble".,, this way it's easier to administer the 20% to fish rather than the big 3mm pellets that fish may pig out on.

I use it in my display, whitecrane is absolutely magic stuff.

Fish don't get stuck in a dominant hierarchy mode where some are colored and some not,,,, they are all simply glowing regardless of mood,,, and even become relaxed and less aggressive over time.

Juveniles and females will also color up nicely.

I have a 2500 liter tank roughly, with over 100 full size cichlids and other odd balls.

A 900gram pack of adp lasts almost a year.!!!!

Most info from Fishkeepers about whitecrane is garbage and lack the experience/experimentation with whitecrane.

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Thanks for the detailed post Buccal. I mainly keep male peacocks and haps and not really planning on breeding them. But just as a thought some of my peacocks have coloured down since i have purchased them a month ago so obviously they have been feeding with this absolute food. So this white crane food your talking about is that another name for this product? Found info on whats in this food.

Crude protein 54%

Phosphorus 1.5%

vitamin E 200mg?kg

Crude fat 14.5%

Lysin 3.6%

Methionin 1.5%

Crude fibre 0.5%

Vitamin C 300mg/kg

Ash 8.6%

Vitamin A 22500

copper 5mg/kg

Calcium 1.7%

vitamin d3

Selenium 0.4mg/kg

Got alot of ingredients in the food. So you think maybe a once a week feeding of this food would be alright with the nls just to bring out colours, but if you feed just this food it could be harmful for the fishes and the fish could have a shorter life span?

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Fish colouring down is not an absolute indication that they have been previously colour fed.
It could just indicate they are losing their rank in a social hierarchy (dropping colour to avoid aggression)

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What Ducksta just said is bang on correct.

Don't think of your Malawi fishes color like a saltwater fishes color which is generally a locked in color with most ornamental species.

Malawi fish colors are of fluorescence and switch on and of depending on circumstances.

But once you have your tank established and set up correctly, most of the dominant fish will retain color for most of the time.

Whitecrane will make all fish colored all of the time, and even in stressed average settings.

Your food description doesn't match that of whitecrane.

Therefore your food wouldn't be any better than all the other foods out there for enhancement.

Your better of sticking with the three or four major leading brands.

And if you want for real true color enhancement get whitecrane as nothing on the market comes close to this stuff for enhancement in oz.

A typical example of peacock color in 6cm fish.

Bunch of 50,, only one is colored up with no others showing much sign of color as he is dominant.

Remove him, then within a hour the next dominant in line is showing color.

Then remove the colored one out and again the third in line shows color.

As they get older,, more and more stand up together to assert dominance at the same time.

Buuut chuck in the whitecrane to the 50 odd 6cm fish and every single one will be glowing with color.

Edited by Buccal

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If you want a food to enhance color buy whitecrane. Then you can use good quality food the rest of the time for nutrition.

I would expect that there would be a fair few mea not showing as they are not dominate and there is no females to show off to. A true color enhancing would help to bring out colors

What are you feeding them at the moment?

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Yeah I do realise that Malawi fish change colour depending on dominance. I currently only feed nls 2mm, cucumber and once a few frozen Malawi mix. I might have to get some of this White crane to bring some of the fishes colours out. Thanks for the help much appreciated.


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The G is for green and blues.

The R is for oranges and reds.

Both R and G will color up fish green and blue as good as each other.

R has added astaxanthin plus other stuff to help the red orange along.

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Great thanks, I found someone on ebay who sells it in multi packs, I might get them to mix and match a set for me to give it a try

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Hi everyone, does AbsoluteColor turn the fish sterile or can I give them some while breeding. 

Thanks in advance Keith 

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Never used the brand but doing a quick google search I came up with this

states does not contain sex hormones

claims it can bring a fish to full colour in 14 days

nothing outstanding in ingredients list but nothing to tell you what premix or attractans are

usually can tell quality of the food by the first 4 ingredients and this leaves me wondering if it is floor sweepings from a cereal factory

bottom line you get what you pay for but @ $29.00 for 150g  I would want a better menu list


Absolute Color Enhancer Food 150g

Absolute colour fish food is ideal for enhancing fish to their full colours. It is a sinking pellet fish food for all fish from small fish to large fish. As well as its colour enhancing vitamins, it also contains high protein for fish growth. Guaranteed to colour your fish to its full colours in 14 days. See feeding instructions below.

Recommended/feeding instructions

Feed your fish once or twice per day continuously for 14 days. Your fish will reach its full colour after 14 days. After this 14 day period, continue to feed your fish with Absolute colour fish food 3 or 4 times per week to maintain the full colour of your fish. 

Ingredients: fish meal, products and by products of cereal, fishoil, premix, attractans

Vitamin C Source: Ascorbic cid, Polyphosphate

This food does not contain sex hormone. 

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